Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Read

A "one afternoon" beach read

Summer Crossing: A Novel (Modern Library Paperbacks)
Summer Crossing: A Novel (Modern Library Paperbacks)
I read Summer Crossing a few weeks ago and want to pass it along as a good read for the summer.  If you've never read Capote, please consider this book.  This is Truman Capote's first novel, written when he was 19 and working for The New Yorker.  It was not published until 2005.  Click here to read how it was found and then published.  Capote's writing is quite eloquent for a first novel and a young writer.  

The story takes place in New York City after WWII.  The uber-wealthy McNeils are taking a trip to Europe on a ship, hence the title, Summer Crossing.  The disengaged parents of Grady McNeil make a hapless decision, leaving her alone in their New York penthouse for the summer.  18 year old Grady, a beautiful, waspy socialite, with a rebellious spirit, immediately runs to meet up with her non-waspy (Brooklyn, Jewish) love interest, Clyde.  Clyde, is 23 year old war veteran working as a parking lot attendant.  Grady is young and immature and makes some unwise choices.  Read the book to find out how Grady's decisions will impact her and her friends and family forever.  

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