Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Sydney: Future Leader Dog for the Blind

She is a 5 month old Labrador Retriever puppy that came to live with us on Saturday. 

Our precious Nikki died at 15 1/2 years old in April.  Hubby and I were so sad that we immediately applied to be puppy raisers for the organization Leader Dogs for the Blind.
 We were very excited to be approved as puppy raisers and were eager to get a puppy this summer.  Saturday was an open house at the Leader Dogs for the Blind campus in nearby Rochester, MI.  

When I entered the lobby for registration I was greeted with the scent of "wet dog" and was captivated by the sight of calm, obedient dogs sitting at the feet of their raisers and owners.  The veteran puppy raisers welcomed me as a new raiser and assured me it was a rewarding, fun, and sometimes exasperating experience.  

Two puppies with their Leader Dog bandanas awaiting obedience evaluation.

Puppy play area in the kennel.
The kennel houses up to 310 puppies and dogs in various phases of training.
april 11, 2011
I already know that on April 11, I need to take Sydney back to the Leader Dog campus where she will undergo several phases of training and then be paired with a student.   After successful completion of the program, the graduate of the program will take Sydney home and be able to lead of life with greater mobility,independence, and quality of life.

You could raise a puppy too.  Click here for information about raising a puppy to be a Leader Dog.


  1. Go Sydney! :) She is adorable!

  2. Ah Deb she is SOOOOOO cute! Enjoy!

  3. wow that is beyond amazing.. she is ADORABLE!!!


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