Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fragrant Candles: Splurge or Save?

Last Christmas I discovered NEST fragrant candles.  

NEST $32  
These candles are definitely a guilty pleasure at $32 a pop.  BUT the fragrance is pure "Christmas tree" and the glass vessel that holds the candle is beautiful.  Hubby liked the fragrance so much he had me order 4 for this year.  

Recently I was looking for a decadent hand soap for the guest bathroom; something to truly pamper visitors.  I discovered that the NEST brand includes liquid hand soap.  Guests have raved about this grapefruit scented soap.  

MELT Holiday Winter Pine and Evergreen candle $14.99 Target
The other day I was wandering around Target looking to see what was new.  I came across a new fragrant candle brand called MELT.  Reading the description I realized that MELT candles are a trademark by NEST Fragrances LLC.  I was so excited to discover that the MELT Holiday Winter Pine and Evergreen candle is VERY close to the twice as expensive NEST Holiday candle, so close that I can't tell the difference.  

MELT also makes the fragrant candles in pillar form from $7.99 - $9.99. 

Click here to view all the forms and fragrances of MELT candles.  Each scent is delightful and true to the description.  You might like this Pumpkin/Amaretto fragrance.

So, would you splurge on the NEST candle
 or save with a MELT candle?

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  1. I just purchased a Melt pillar candle at Target today that is Salted Caramel & Buttercream scent. Smells wonderful, but I am wondering is this a cheaper line from Nest so more people are able to enjoy? I've never bought their more expensive line. Thanks.


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