Monday, May 6, 2013

Post 1000

This post is a milestone for me as it marks my 1000th post since I began Spiral Style, June 15, 2009.  My mission for Spiral Style was to share what gives me pleasure and this is what I said:
What is my pleasure? It is the simple things in life, planting a garden, gathering shells on the beach or going for a run. I get pleasure by creating pieces of jewelry from silver. Pleasure is being with the ones you love. Food, cooking and wine give me pleasure. Travel is a luxurious pleasure.

That day I shared a photo of my garden.
Today I'm about to plant my 2013 garden, in a new location and try some new vegetables.  

I also posted a photo of my jewelry.  You can visit my Etsy site here.

I think it is time to back away from daily blogging, not finally but as a five times a week blog.  I want to be fresh and not post something just to fill the space.  So you will see posts when I have something I am excited about and really want to share. 
Thank you for following Spiral Style.  I have learned so much in many different ways since I started this blogging adventure and I especially love to read your comments.  I hope you continue to look for my posts on Facebook, as an email or in a reader. 



  1. I am truly impressed. That is a lot of posts. Congratulations on a job well done. I can barely manage once a week :)

    Happy Monday back at ya.

  2. congrats on your milestone!!

  3. Congratulations...
    you've posted a lot and inspired many.


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