Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Firebrick Gallery

Yesterday I stopped by the Firebrick Gallery in Rochester, MI. Firebrick is a great combination of full-functioning pottery studio and gallery shop. The owner, Juliann, had contacted me earlier this summer after seeing my jewelry on Etsy. Lucky for me, she was looking to add some jewelry to her gallery shop. I'm real excited to be a represented artist at Firebrick Gallery.

The gallery has a fantastic selection of original work in every medium; ceramics, painting, sculpture, glass, jewelry, photography, prints, cards, accessories and apparel with a focus on Michigan artists.


  1. That looks like a gorgeous gallery - and an excellent opportunity for you!

    (to answer your question: I do my art-stuff full time in the summer months, leaving lots of room for procrastination eheh)

  2. That looks like an incredible space to be featured in!


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