Monday, August 3, 2009

New Designs

chandelier earrings
The event at Starring "the Gallery" went well on Friday night. I met new people that have been buying my jewelry from the gallery and saw some old friends too. The best thing to come from the event was that I had to design some new jewelry. I choose to use lots of color for the summer. My work is largely silver and it is nice to work with color in the form of beads.
hammered silver bangles with bead charm

close-up of the bangle charm

Tomorrow I head for Seattle and then on to Montana. I'll have my camera
and plan to blog all about it.
Wishing you a happy Monday.


  1. Oh!! This jewelry is amazing!!!! I love those earrings in the top photo. LOVE them! Fantastic colors and design.

    Seattle?!?!?! Seattle is the best! You sure have fun traveling my dear. I can't WAIT to see your pictures from this trip. Will you be visiting the Pike Place market?

    I'm so jealous!

    Travel safe!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I hope I get to the Market. I remember shoppin there about 28 years ago with 3 babies/toddlers. Got my coffee at the original Starbucks. It is a wonderful place.


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