Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Lighter Gumbo

It was a damp, dreary day here is Michigan, feeling more like November than May.  I decided it was the perfect day to make gumbo.  I've never made a true gumbo before.  Hubby showed  a recipe to me from the NYTimes by Mark Bittman.  Mr. Bittman calls this a "lighter gumbo".  It uses a roux as a thickener and contains only scallops rather than adding sausage.  Any shellfish or combination of shellfish could be used in this recipe.  The most labor intensive part is browning the roux without allowing it to burn.  Then it is just a matter of chopping and adding vegetables and finally the scallops at the last minute.
* a roux is not only a great scrabble word but is a combination of fat and flour, cooked until brown and then becomes the tasty base of the gumbo as well as the thickener.   

I used frozen scallops, thawed and they were just fine for this dish.  Served with cornbread and coleslaw, this was a satisfying meal.  Click here for the NYTimes article and video.  Click here for just the recipe.  

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