Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tea Party Celebration

This is not the tea party that is in the news lately.  I'm thinking afternoon tea is a very civilized way to celebrate mothers.  It is rare that we take the time to get a bit dressed up, sit down, and sip tea, indulge in sweet treats mid-afternoon and share in lively conversation.  Upscale hotels often host afternoon tea as do tea houses, but of course with a bit of planning, you could host a delightful tea party at your own home.  A good excuse to use some of your finery for a gorgeous presentation.  
Click here and here for some ideas for planning a tea.


  1. lovely pictures. on sundays there is a wonderful high tea at the brown palace hotel in denver.

  2. Happy to know about this tea party. My cousin arranged a vow exchanging party for her parents at one of the exquisite Seattle venues recently. Vintage tableware was lovely. Catering was highly reviewed by all the guests. DJ was also a renowned one.


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