Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Denim Crush

I decided to shop for new jeans on Sunday.  Second only to bathing suit shopping for my least favorite activity I expected to try on scores of jeans and come home empty handed or with something I just settled for.  

The unexpected happened,  with the first pair of jeans at the first store, I was in love!  That has  NEVER occurred before.  They had me at "everything in the store is 40% off!  That was Banana Republic.  I haven't made a purchase there for quite a while but I thought, why not, give it a try.  I've never had truly skinny jeans because of my "athletic thighs"  but these are an amazing fit with just enough stretch.  They look great with heels, flats and tucked into boots.  For me, the rise is high enough without looking like "mom jeans" but not so low as to be uncomfortable and produce a "muffin top".  I bought a pair in gray too. 

At 40% off, I didn't stop there.  I fell in love with these trouser jeans.  Very cool and sophisticated.  The fit is fantastic and they look perfect with heels, the higher the better and a blazer if you wish.  They would be perfect for casual office dressing.  

I got a pair in black too that I'm wearing with a long sweater coat tomorrow.  Even without the sale price, these jeans are very reasonably priced between $79 and $89.  Give them a try.  


  1. i was literally thinking the SAME thing--besides bathing suits, it's shopping for jeans. my waist is small but my booty and thighs are so big. argh.
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  2. Love BR jeans!! They have a great fit!

  3. BR jeans are truly a well kept secret. I have the exact same skinnies in dark and last year's light gray wash. They are seriously perfect.

  4. I agree about BR jeans - a well-kept secret! I have a favorite pair on as I type this. I'll have to head to BR soon and check out your recommendations for some new additions to my wardrobe!


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