Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Donuts?

I succumbed to the hype and purchased a mini donut pan.  All those photos of cute little donuts with sprinkles had me drooling for little, rich treats.  I was thinking they'd be lower in fat since they aren't fried and the size would allow for tastes instead of heavy helpings.

Little and cute they sure are.  Calling them donuts is just wrong.  Sorry, donuts need to be fried or they aren't donuts.  Sweet cakes is more like it.  But is this pan worth the effort?  Why not just make mini muffins or cupcakes?  You'll need to "pipe" the batter into the mini donut pan so that is one more step.  

Any thoughts?  Maybe you have a better recipe.  I was thinking of using the pan to make mini bundt cakes.


  1. omgOMG! I love donuts in any shape or form. I even had a donut maker on past wish lists!
    BTW--I accidentally posted 2 posts in one day, so scroll down for today's real post.

  2. Those sure are cute - although I love anything mini, it makes me feel like I can eat 2 (or 5). I like the idea of mini bundt cakes and I agree a donut does need to be fried.


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