Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homemade Marshmallows

I have often read posts about making marshmallows in your own kitchen.  I decided to give it a try.  I found that it was not as time consuming and messy as I thought it would be and the result was worth the effort.  The homemade confection is much more fluffy and delicate than the chewy, store-bought marshmallows.  The flavor is pure sweetness, not cloying sweet.  These little guilty pleasures could be life changing.

I researched various recipes and decided that I would try the David Lebovitz recipe that you can view here.  There are just three steps:
1. Dissolve gelatin in water.
2. Bring water, sugar, and corn syrup to 245 degrees

3. Whip egg whites
Then all that is left is to combine these ingredients following directions.

A combination of cornstarch and powdered sugar are combined in a sieve and sifted over the surface where the marshmallow mixture will be set to dry.  You can smooth the mixture over a sheet pan to cut later or drop individual mounds of marshmallow on a tray.  Wait at least 4 hours or overnight before trying to cut the marshmallows.  I found a pizza cutter to work the easiest.  Alternatively, pipe the marshmallow mixture in very small dollops for mini-marshmallows.

Cut and dry marshmallows are coated in the cornstarch-sugar concoction.  They look like fluffy, little pillows.  Add food coloring to dye the marshmallows.  Use cocoa powder in the sugar/cornstarch mixture or top with shredded coconut as alternatives.

A homemade marshmallow takes hot cocoa to a new level.  Make this a grown up drink with a little coffee liquor or peppermint schnapps.  Set up a hot cocoa bar for a party with various liquors and a bowl of marshmallows.  

A mason jar of hot cocoa mix and a tin of homemade marshmallows wrapped creatively would be a most thoughtful gift.

Indulge in a s'more made with graham crackers, Nutella and a toasted, homemade marshmallow.

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  1. Marshmallows.....Oh God it is realy worth while for me. I love it much and you have given whole procedure how to made it.Really i am going to try this in my kitchen.

    You made me happy by showing such an easy way to make marshmallows.Thanks


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