Sunday, June 28, 2009


It has been two weeks since I started my blog. I have learned so much about starting and writing a blog but I have so much yet to learn. I have made some new blogging friends. Click to see the very kind words of Sarah at her Dayspring blog. She featured my jewelry as her Etsy find. Sarah has been very encouraging. Thanks Sarah!

I was very fortunate to get an ad spot on A Cup of Joe. Joanna was patient with me as I had never bought an ad on a blog before. I needed to get the correct pixel size for the ad which isn't a big deal but was new to me.

Speaking of ads, I want to thank Amber Mabe for her help with the graphics. She designed my Etsy banner and avatar as well as business cards and jewelry display cards. Thanks Amber. You can click here to see Amber's Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading this post. If you haven't become a FOLLOWER, please do... and add your photo or logo, that makes it more personal and fun. Also, pass the word along to your friends to follow. Make comments if you wish, I'd love the feedback and ideas.

xxoo Deborah


  1. And you're doing a fantastic job at this blogging thing, in my humble opinion. I really enjoy Spiral Style. I love it! It takes some time to build up a readership, so please be patient as it happens. I know you'll be successful! That Cup of Jo ad will help a lot. Joanna is wonderful and so helpful!

  2. Thanks Sarah.
    Glad you like the bracelet but I tweaked it and you may like the new one better.


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