Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cake on a Pedestal

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Presentation is EVERYTHING!
3 Bud Vine Cake Stand Etsy $55 4 Large eyelet ribbon cake stand Etsy $160
5 Mosser Glass Red Pedestal Cake Plate-Stand Ebay $55.49 6 Cupcake stand with Bird Bell Jar Etsy $68
7 Spring Easter Cake Stand Ebay $24.95  8 Glass Pedestal Stand and Dome Pottery Barn $14
The beauty of this set is that you can flip the base and invert the dome so the ball at the top of the dome fits in the base.  I used it this way for a trifle at Christmas. 

Isn't this cupcake pedestal adorable?
I've been using it to photograph jewelry.

You can easily make your own pedestal
Find an interesting plate and coordinating base
Use an epoxy to attach plate to base.  Follow epoxy directions and allow plenty of time for epoxy to set.  Do not wash epoxied stand in dishwasher...hand wash.  For more complete directions and examples, click here.

Maybe your style is decorating with cake pedestals
Print-Cake Under Glass Etsy $15.50


  1. Oh what a cool idea. I have to try making one. How pretty! I love them all, that print from Etsy is adorable!

  2. How interesting! I have almost the exact same glass cake dome set, and I never thought of flipping it and putting the ball in the base! I am going to have to try and see if mine works that way!

  3. very fun. i wish i had my grandma's rotating birthday cake plate. wonderful memories!

  4. i use my cake pedestal to do frosting like a charm!


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