Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spanx Now Makes Bathing Suits

Bathing suit season is rapidly approaching.  With the option of a Spanx suit, the idea isn't so intimidating.

There are one-piece, tankini's and bikini's to choose from.  The two-piece styles are separates so you may choose the bottom style that works best for your figure.


  1. I just checked out their page. They really have some grat stuff. Love Triangle Top One Piece in teal.

  2. hey, we can all use as much help as possible!

  3. Oh dear, I dislike bathing suit season so much! I think I would need a full body spanks suit to hold everything in :( Their suits are beautiful though, some really pretty colors!

  4. this is actually a really good idea! i wish it could work for a bikini though, haha


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