Thursday, March 17, 2011

Accessorizing: Fear and Flair

I do not pretend to be an interior designer.  I do enjoy styling my own interiors, especially seasonal changes.  I'm not afraid of color and hubby and I collect antique Persian rugs and vintage posters.  BUT, my fear is accessories.  I am not good at all with the "little things" that make a room "sing".  I think it may stem from my aversion to dusting.  If you have all sorts of "tchotchkes" sitting on a table, you eventually have to pick them up and dust them!  

I found an article in the recent Lonny Magazine:  How to: Accessorize with Flair.  

Elle:Decor arrived yesterday and I spotted some great examples of accessories and collections that have FLAIR!
from the article Renaissance Man

These photos make me want to go to flea markets in Europe and dust.    

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