Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Longchamp Longing

On my latest trip I notice quite a few Longchamp totes.

Longchamp Totes

                                                    Longchamp Totes 
I've been using this Land's End tote (notice the coffee stains)

It is a real "work-horse".  I keep it filled with umbrella, keys to the Bahamas house, lotion, tea bags, snacks, nail file, pens and other travel gear.  I really like the pockets which a Longchamp does not possess.
I think I'd really like Le Pliage tote.

The beauty of Le Pliage (which means bend or fold in French) is that you can fold it up and take it empty, then unfold and stuff with all the vacation "booty".
Le Pliage
How about this?  Customize your own Longchamp bag.
Choose bag style, handle style, color, hardware and optional personalization.


  1. I'm a huge fan of the Boat & Tote from LL Bean.... and they started offering them completely custom! It's a little addictive, but perfect for gifting!

  2. Oh that first one, the navy one, is my favorite!



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