Monday, March 7, 2011

Trench Coats

HAPPY MONDAY dear Spiral Style readers.  Hope you are rested and relaxed and ready for a new week.  We had lots of rain in the past few days and I was thinking about trench coats.  A "trench" is a real workhorse in your coat wardrobe and a great investment.  
TRENCH COATS  (can you pick out the Burberry's?)
When I think Trench Coat, I think double breasted, lapels, belted, epaulets, tabs, and flaps.  I also think Burberry.  It was Thomas Burberry who developed a water-proof fabric, used for a military coat during the Boer War.  After the war, civilians started wearing the coat, know as a trench coat...and the rest is history.    

Trench with Contrast Belt

I have two trench coats that I'm tired of and I may try a contrast belt for a new look.

Three-Quarter Length Trench at Nordstrom
I'm not a very big person and I look overwhelmed in a double-breasted coat with lots of other things going on.  This coat may be perfect for me.

What is your trench style?

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  1. Hi Dude,

    Nice collection of trench coats! These are raincoat made of waterproof heavy duty cotton drill or poplin, wool gabardine or leather. It generally has a removable insulated lining and usually knee length. Thanks a lot...


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