Friday, April 8, 2011

Restaurant Week in Detroit...Three Evenings Remaining

After my glamourous day of getting new tires and working in my studio, hubby and I took advantage of restaurant week in Detroit and had dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Grille at the MGM Grand Detroit.  
Bar at the Wolfgang Puck Grille (taken with iphone)

Salmon with pea puree, asparagus and mushrooms
Learned that every Thursday is 1/2 off wine night.  Yes, we had a fabulous Merlot.

12 layer chocolate dessert

18 participating restaurants offer $28 three-course meals.  This is a great way to investigate a restaurant you've been meaning to try.  Click here for more information.

Have a relaxing weekend.  We have a promise of warm weather coming.  YIPPEE!!


  1. I love restaurant weeks! Philly has a great one too. Enjoy!

  2. i admit when i went thru detroit, i just ate fast food---it was college, i was broke, etc. but i'm bookmarking this post!


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