Wednesday, February 1, 2012

World Peace Cookies

It has been said that if all people were given a ration of these cookies each day, there would be world peace!  That is what Dorie Geenspan says of this recipe in her book, Baking, from my home to yours.
World Peace Cookies

I'm not saying peace will be achieved, but you'll make people very happy if you serve these cookies.  The chocolatey goodness is offset by saltiness.  There is a surprise of sea salt in the dough that is a pleasant contrast to the sweet, rich chocolate.
In addition to cocoa powder, there is this much finely chopped bittersweet chocolate in the dough.
The dough is formed into logs and chilled, then sliced and baked.  This is a great do-ahead dessert.  I'm thinking perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.  What a treat it would be to bake these during half time and serve them warm for the second half of the game.  You better make more than one batch!!  You'll find the recipe here.


  1. How amazingly yummy these look!!! would be fabulous for Valentine's too... and I love the name/concept...thanks for delicious recipe

    xo Kit

  2. These look scrumptious. And thank you for guest posting! It will be up tomorrow. You are too sweet!


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