Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simple Berry Gratin

I wanted a change from a yogurt parfait or smoothie for breakfast.  

I made a simple berry gratin.  

I placed some berries in a shallow, oven-safe bowl.

Next I made a topping for the berries, about 1/4 cup for the amount of berries shown above.    My topping was a mixture of part skim ricotta cheese and 0% fat, plain Greek yogurt sweetened with some powdered sugar.  Use what you have and like.  Maybe just ricotta sprinkled with brown sugar or try plain yogurt sweetened with maple syrup.  

Pop the dish under the broiler until the topping starts to bubble.  At this time you can sprinkle on some nuts or coconuts and then watch carefully to remove from the broiler just as the nuts are toasted.
Now you have a delicious, healthy breakfast with little trouble at all.  The berries are still firm and tasty and the topping is warm and yummy.  Nuts add a little crunch and goodness.  This would be just as good for dessert! 

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  1. This looks lovely - I think I might have to try it for breakfast tomorrow morning!

    Andrea x


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