Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Suggestion: The Sense of an Ending

I have a book suggestion, The Sense Of An Ending.  

The Sense Of An Ending  Julian Barnes

If you are in the mood for a contemplative read, please think about reading The Sense Of An Ending.  Not a beach read or action-packed thriller, this is a thoughtful read.  At just 163 pages, this brief book is a tightly written novel by British author, Julian Barnes.  This is the author's fourteenth novel and his first Man Booker award win. (2011)

The story it told to the reader by a divorced, middle-aged man, Tony Webster, who is retired, volunteers and is still friends with his ex-wife.  For all intents and purposes, he has an uneventful life.  This changes when he receives a  bequest of 500£ from the mother of a college girlfriend.  This causes Tony to get in touch with the long-ago girlfriend, Veronica, and to explore relationships of the past.  His memory is challenged for what actually transpired and how he perceived the past to have been.  Did he really love Veronica?  How genuine were his relationships with his boyhood friends?  Inquiries about the bequest of money leads Tony on a mystery to find out why he was to receive money and the promise of a friend's diary. What had become of Veronica, his old school mate, Adrian and other classmates?  How had his words made life changing decisions for his friends?  

Well, you'll just have to read and find out, won't you?  

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  1. I love the way you led us up to that. You have totally sold me.


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