Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer "To Do" List: Bedroom Curtains

Did you have a summer "to do" list?    I had a list in my mind of things I wanted to accomplish this summer. 

One of the items on my list was curtains for my bedroom.  After 6 years of living in this condo, I felt I wanted a window treatment in my bedroom.  I have honeycomb shades but I wanted a softer look.  

I picked up these curtains and the necessary hardware at Ikea.  I like the softness that the curtains add without making a huge statement.  They make the ceiling feel taller too.

Before... dull and stark.

This project was a success.  I'll have to try to accomplish another project on the list before the end of the week.

Do you have a summer "to do" list?  What tasks have you completed?


  1. Yes! I just did a quickie redo of my patio.

  2. Love your new curtains, but no wonder - they look just like ours. I find tab curtains to be very versatile and look good with just about everything.

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