Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Travel Organization

Travel Totes

Beach tote bag / Tumi travel handbag / Longchamp travel handbag / Louis Vuitton tote

Yesterday I posted about Pinch Provisions, little kits of necessities so that if you are in a pinch, you are prepared.  This post is about being prepared while traveling.

I'm traveling to the west coast today.  I always take this leather Tumi tote with me on a plane.  I've had it for at least a decade.  I keep it "stocked" so it is always ready.

There is a big, zipped pocket inside where I keep these essentials.  

Pockets on the outside contain these items.  I have a hardshell case for the sunglasses and eye glasses.  Spare glasses are a must if you need eye glasses.  Having your eye glass or contact prescription with you is a good idea too.  Water!!!  Take a bottle on the plane with you!!  A folded fabric bag (I like Baggu) is so versatile, for shopping, dirty laundry, beach bag or gym bag.  An umbrella is vital.  Earphones are handy.  

Having a few healthy snacks with you is essential.  You may miss meals with a plane delay or if you are (horrors!) stuck on the tarmac waiting.  

What would your essentials be?  Do you have a bag ready and waiting for travel?

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