Monday, December 10, 2012

Healthy Holiday Party Food

Happy Monday!
Have you started the holiday party circuit yet?  
It is hard to resist all the temptingly delicious food spread in a seductive manner on a gorgeous buffet table laden with candles and flowers.  How can one eat healthy or at least with a moderate intake of calories and alcohol?

Here are a few tips for healthy holiday eating.
This little pink crustacean is loaded with protein and about the healthiest food on the buffet table.  Go easy on the cocktail sauce which is loaded with sugar.  
Salsa with tomatoes, peppers, lime = vitamins A, C and fiber.
Heart healthy fat in guacaole.  Enjoy!  Go easy on the chips and dip with veggies.
Everyone knows sushi is healthy!
Omega-3's in salmon make this a fantastic choice.
Mixed nuts that aren't coated in sugar are a healthy choice with protein, vitamins and fiber.  Just know when to stop.
Drink red.  Rather than just sugar, red wine (as opposed to white) has properties that promote heart health.  Cut the calories and make it a spritzer.  

For other healthy selections, click here to view the whole article in Fitness Magazine

Enjoy your day.

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  1. What a great group of appetizers. I'm all for healthy. I'll take two of those smoked salmon ones please :)


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