Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spinach Puffs

I've planned my menu for my annual holiday cocktail party.  I'm always searching for one or two bit finger food recipes and this year I've come up with several that I'll share with you.  
These little spinach puffs are a new twist on spanakopita, the savory spinach, feta pies in a phyllo-dough crust.
Buttery, crunchy, puff pastry is a lovely encasement for the spinach mixture.
Small squares of purchased puff pastry dough are filled with a the spinach mixture and then the edges are pinched together and sealed.  A little egg wash is applied before baking to ensure a glossy, golden baked pastry.
A 10 oz box of frozen spinach and a 1lb box of purchased puff pastry will yield 2 dozen mini-muffin size appetizers.  Make the puffs larger and bake in regular sized muffin cups and you'll have a great dinner side dish. 
Spinach puffs will be on the buffet for my holiday party.  Here is the recipe.  The recipe does not include oven temperature.  400 degrees F is the baking temperature.  The recipe calls for 6 regular muffin sized puffs.  I made 2 dozen mini sized.  

Here is a tip*  To squeeze the moisture out of frozen spinach, use a ricer.

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  1. these look fabulous! i'll be making them for a small gathering tomorrow night. thank you....


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