Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Adopt an Olive Tree in Italy

Did you ever want to possess your own piece of Italy?  Maybe you can't swing a villa but how about an olive tree with the perk of olive oil from your own  tree (along with others from the grove).  Nudo Adopt a tree program will let you do just that. 
 This is the olive grove where my tree is growing.  My tree profile states that it is a Leccino varietal, 22 years old and the oil tasting notes say, "grass and herbs with a peppery finish".  
A tree adoption makes a fabulous gift.  My tree was a Christmas present and that's how I  learned about Nudo.    I received a packet from Italy with the adoption papers and directions for viewing photos of my tree on line.  

The adoption is for one year and I will receive a year's supply of oil and a discount on other products that are available online such as pasta, chocolate spreads and tapenades.  

This could be a clever Valentine's Day gift...and olive oil is Heart Healthy.

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