Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's Blooming

I don't know about you but I MUST have fresh blooms in my house.  Even though everything is gray outside, I need something alive and colorful inside.  I don't spend a lot for my flowers and usually purchase them at the grocery store.  I also look for something that will last more than a week.  This week I could have purchased beautiful tulips but they are too much of a tease right now, knowing that we have several more months of winter to go.
Just two stems make this arrangement: a protea and an orchid branch.
I picked up this orchid at the grocery store.  Just 3 ice cubes a week is all the attention I give the plant and they last for weeks if not months.  
I love this pretty coral color.
Rather than looking at an ugly pot, I placed the orchid in a glass cylinder and filled in the space with pebbles and moss.
My rosemary topiary is over a year old.  It must like this location because it has produced delicate purple flowers.
I've lamented in previous posts about my poor luck getting geraniums to bloom in the summer.  For some strange reason, I seem to have better luck indoors in the winter!

What flowers or plants do you like in your house?

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