Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laura Mercier Has You Covered...

...Your face that is!

I've been using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for years so I was very skeptical of trying a mineral powder. When Laura launched a Mineral Makeup Collection I thought it was time to give minerals a try.

Laura's Tinted Moisturizer has won accolades from magazines, Allure and In Style. This Tinted Moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight moisturizer with SPF 20 and just enough color that it can be used in place of foundation for a natural look.
Mineral Power is composed of very finely milled natural elements, has an SPF of 15 and is available in loose and pressed form. The powder is mostly composed of ingredients found in liquid makeup but without the dyes, fragrances and preservatives used in the liquid form. Eliminating these irritants, those with sensitive skin are able to wear the powder without related problem. You may click here to read about mineral makeup on WebMD.

Prepare your skin by priming with the Foundation Primer. It helps to achieve a flawless application. Click here to read about it.

Having both Rosacea and oily skin, I'm thrilled with Mineral Powder for a flawless face. No more oily-shine.

Check out minerals for yourself!

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