Monday, October 12, 2009

Plan for Spring and Plant Bulbs Now

Temps didn't make it out of the 40's today and it was dark too early this evening, but I'm looking ahead to Spring and planted bulbs in the garden today.

These are the narcissus bulbs I planted. I like a very casual look so I dug holes and planted about 5 -7 bulbs together. I did this throughout a large bed of shrubs.
These flowers are typical of the mix of narcissus I planted. Some may have orange cups rather than the pale yellow.
I also planted species tulips. Aren't they sweet? The bulbs are the size of a large clove of garlic. The plants are short and quite small and can fit in tight areas that cannot accommodate other bulbs.
Thinks Spring and plant now for gorgeous blooms. When you see bits of green poking through the ground you'll know winter is finally over. Click here for some information about choosing bulbs, planting and growing.

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  1. i have got to get on this. thanks for the reminder...


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