Monday, October 12, 2009

The Look for Less

I recently gave my bed a total makeover. I bought a new mattress, had a slipcover made for the headboard and chose coordinating fabrics for bed skirt, duvet cover and shams. To complete the new look I had to change the lamps.

I'd like to say I whipped up the bedding with a few dish towels and a sleeping bag or some noble claim to be green and save money but alas, I enlisted the professional services of Calico Corners. (they were having a sale!)
Jonsbo Ilsbo, Jonsbo asarp, Jonsbo Gryby (base) $19.99 $59.99 $39.99

I happen to live about 5 miles from an Ikea. I spotted these lamps a few weeks ago and thought they would be the perfect compliment to the new bedding.
The Ikea lamps remind me of Johathan Adler ceramics and lamps which are over $200 each at the very least when on sale.

I'd still like to incorporate a touch of red and some texture with an extra pillow or two on the bed. I think I'll add a window treatment as well since Calico Corners just announced another sale!


  1. Ooooo, I LOVE the colors! Super! You bed looks fantastic! It reminds me of a resort we visit on the north shore in Minnesota. I'm crazy about what you've done. Calico Corners had a sale? And they're having another one? LOL, you make me smile.

  2. Hi Sarah! Yes, I feel like such a grown-up! We had crappy stuff on the bed because the two labs used it as their bed too. One has since passed on and the other is too old to jump up. So, I could splurge on REAL bedding.

  3. Those lamps are amazing and very affordable. You are lucky to be only 5 miles from IKEA. For me it takes over 1 hour.

  4. Hi My Owl Barn...great to have more chatter in the comments. Thanks for the comment and hope to have you back. Yes I am lucky to have an Ikea but it is dangerous because I stop in about once a week on my way home from the gym. :)

  5. GORGEOUS!! so you. what fun to have everything new and fresh. you have great taste...


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