Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Listening

During the holidays it seems like I've constantly got seasonal music or audio books playing.

Usually the first CD I listen to is Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris.
No matter how many times I listen I still laugh out loud.
You can listen by clicking here for the NPR podcast.

Click here to preview songs on Chris Botti's December CD. This has become one of my favorites, very peaceful.

This Mariah Carey CD is a classic. Very fresh take on old holiday favorites.

Hubby and I always play an Andrea Bocelli CD when we have pasta for dinner. (corny, I know) This CD is new for 2009. I'm liking it.

Happy Listening

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  1. recently saw andrea bocelli on tv. we'll check out the other cd's. thanks for sharing the sounds of christmas.


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