Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Party: Part II

We had a huge (for our condo) crowd at our annual holiday party. Guests were neighbors, friends from our old neighborhood, gym friends, workmates and assorted fun people.

I like to serve a signature drink for the evening. This year it was festive Cranberry Gin and Tonics. It was quite popular and I could have made double the amount. Seems these people like gin based beverages rather than vodka.

Rather than an ethnic theme, I mixed flavors for savory finger foods.

Hubby requested a Country Pate.

I can never make enough of these crispy wonton cups filled with an Asian chicken salad dressed with a peanut sauce that includes green curry paste.

Three "flavors" of deviled eggs nestled on a bed of alfalfa sprouts.

An easy crowd pleaser... slices of beef tenderloin on rye slices with horseradish cream garnish.

I guess it is good that there are no leftovers, but I was so busy I didn't get to eat very much. I did crack open a bottle of Cava last night because vacation really started then. As this post is published.. I'm on a plane headed to my Bahamas house for Christmas.

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