Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh (little) Christmas Tree!

I won't be spending Christmas at my home in Michigan this year, yet I wanted a live tree with lights.

This Norfolk Island Pine is a houseplant that will live on after the holidays.
I purchased this plant at Lowes.

Tabletop or mini trees are a great way to decorate in small spaces.
This Martha Stewart tree is decorated with candy.

An elegant tabletop tree by Martha Stewart

This is a mini cypress tree from $41.99
How much more fun than a poinsettia?

Adorable elegance!
Alberta Spruce from White Flower Farm. $55

What cook wouldn't love this fragrant rosemary topiary in a Christmas tree shape?

This video from CBS is all about tabletop Christmas trees and 6 ways to decorate them. Take a few minutes to watch. Sorry about the commercial that precedes the mini-tree segment.

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