Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming Clean

I was checking out some bookmarked websites and came across these cute bath mitts. 

 We picked up some in France and they are a convenient way to wash. 
wash mitts $8 each

 Then I was looking at other bathing/washing/scrubbing options.
Bath PuffBath Puff $3.95
Loofah Products
Loofah washcloth bath sponge

Felted Soap
Felted soap functions as a built in washcloth and gently exfoliates while creating a lovley lather. Just wet, rub a little to get sudzy and use! 

Scrubz is a sugar-based scrub. 
Enter the giveaway from the very fun blog, Made in Canarias
for a gift certificate for a Scrubz product.
Kiehl's Soy Milk & Honey 
Body Polish $28  This is my favorite way to slough off dead skin.

What is your favorite way to "scrub a dub"?

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