Friday, March 19, 2010

Etsy Easter

 Start with a basket...

handmade quilted Easter Basket Etsy $12
..add something sweet

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1 White chocolate Easter egg lollipops- set of 2  Etsy $5.75  2 Chocolate covered Oreo  Etsy $10.99
3 Easter sugar cookies Etsy $18  4 Two solid chocolate bunnies Etsy $7.50

...and something fun

Easter animal finger puppets Etsy $19.99

 Easter crayons Etsy $12.00

and top it off with something cuddly.
Soft Sculpture Ewe Etsy $65

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  1. Good Morning from Montana! My lamb is very happy to be included in your Etsy Easter post. I love the finger puppets! I will now have to go check out all those yummy items you have posted. Have a great day and Holiday!

    Judy Elizabeth


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