Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Suggestion: What Alice Forgot

What if you lost 10 years of your memory and didn't realize you had children, had filed for divorce and then looked in the mirror and saw an older version of you?  That's what happened to Alice.  While working out at the gym, she fell and hit her head and developed amnesia.  Alice woke up from her trauma thinking she was 29, pregnant with her first child and madly in love with her dear husband.  She also learned she went from a chocolate lover   and non-exerciser to working out regularly and shunning empty calories.  It also seems from what her sister tells her, that Alice has become a bit of a regimented control freak. 

Alice's three children are spending the weekend with their dad.  They are to return on Sunday night and Alice wonders if she will remember them or even like them.  And why would she want to divorce sweet, wonderful Nick, the love of her life.  

The beginning of this book made me think that I would be reading fluff or a beach read, but the author deals with deep subjects such as divorce, death, lying, betrayal, and lack of communication.  Alice is able to look at the present without the baggage of the past 10 years.  When her memory returns, she can also look at the forgotten time with the eyes of time.  Alice can evaluate events and situations with a renewed sense of what really matters and is important.  

The author also weaves the stories of Alice's sister, mother, and friends into the book.  Moriarty conveniently ties up all the loose ends and everyone lives happily ever after, but you really hope they do any way.  

I highly suggest reading this book... on the beach or anywhere else. 


  1. Moriarty's new book, The Hypnotist's Love Story, is also supposed to be a good read. I'm heading to the library today to pick it up!


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