Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Studio Makeover

This studio needs a makeover and fast!
Is it no wonder I procrastinate going to my studio to make jewelry?

I went with my favorite color combination, coral and turquoise.  

I made a visit to the Ikea "as is" room.  I found these turquoise 'trash cans" with lids for $5.99.  They are perfect for holding my crafty stuff like yarn.

I repurposed some terracotta yogurt containers I brought home from France to use a pencil and small tool holders.  The wicker cutlery caddy was a mark down at Target about a year ago.  I knew I'd find a good use for it.  Now it holds my medium sized hand tools and scissors.

I found this Ikea stool that someone put out for trash pick up.  I took it home and gave it the "dip dye" look by taking leftover wall paint and mixing it with some semi gloss white trim paint I had on hand.  

Now I'm ready to get to work.  The color is energizing and everything has a place.

Do you have a space that is just for you?  Did you style it "just for you"?


  1. You are the perfect example of the well organized woman. You've inspired me to get myself in gear and go to work.

  2. this is so lovely! and i adore the idea of the "trash cans", very original.. xxx


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