Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fresh Ikat Finds

Banscot - ikat bowl $28 each
I discovered this Etsy site selling authentic ikat fabric designs.  I love the look of ikat and these home goods would add a fresh summer look to home decor.

Tupi - red ikat tray $31.50
The fabric is hand woven in the Philippines using centuries old traditions.  The fabric is then shipped to France where it is crafted into the articles seen here and on the Etsy site.  

Sako - sack lamp $96. each
The company name, 7100 Islands is derived from the approximate 7100 islands that comprise the Philippine Islands.  The company is the brainchild of two Filipino women living in France with design and craft backgrounds.

small ikat bowls, set of two $41.00
The fabric is very sturdy and can be sculpted into vessels.

Bayong - ikat tote $142.50

Origami clutch  $64.50

Origami clutch $64.50
How cute it that?!

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