Monday, July 2, 2012

Morning Swim

It took a knee injury to remind me of my love of swimming.  
About two months ago my knee started bothering me...a repetitive use injury from running. I tried alternative exercise but my knee wasn't getting better.  Hubby suggested I take to the water.  Not only is my knee better but I'm loving exercising in the water and outside.  I've got a pool in the 'hood that is just steps away from my house.  If I get to the pool early, I've got it to myself.  Love the peacefulness.  Therapy for the body and soul.  

Wishing you a calm start to your week.


  1. That's perfect exercise and you get a whole body work out too!

  2. Sorry to hear of your injury but it sounds like you have taken a lemon and made lemonade, so to speak. Sounds heavenly! I love swimming ... it is so peaceful and rhythmic which I sure holds even truer in the early, quite morning.



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