Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Suggestion: Broken Harbour

I just finished the latest book by Tana French, Broken Harbour.  

If you love a good mystery-thriller, this is your book.  Don't wait to read this...make an effort to get it NOW.  I loved this book and now I can't wait until Tana writes her next thriller as they only get better.  This is Tana's fourth book and features Mick Kennedy, the detective from her book Faithful Place.  

Jenny and Patrick Spain are childhood sweethearts, devoted to one another and their two children. The Spain family buys a house in Brianstown, a housing development that sprung up at the end of the economic boom of Ireland.  A short while after moving to Brianstown, Patrick looses his job.  Within a few months money is short and bills aren't being paid. The developers abandoned the half-built community and left a depressing mess.  That is where the horrific murders of Patrick, Emma and Jack take place and leave Jenny barely clinging to life.  

Enter, Mick Kennedy, the detective assigned to the biggest case of the year.  Mick knows the area of Brianstown well but from the days when it was called Broken Harbour and his family spent two magic weeks each summer there by the sea.  Mick's memories turned dark however, by the tragic event that occurred the last time the family took their caravan to the seaside community.

Richie Curran, a rookie, is assigned to the case with Mick.  Mick and Richie are convinced this case will be an easy solve but certain things just don't add up starting with the confession of the alleged killer who happens to be a childhood friend of one of the murder victims and his severely injured wife.  Why are the children smothered in their beds.  Why are all the holes punched in the walls of the otherwise pristine house and why are video baby monitor cameras pointed at the holes?  

Ms. French plays up the relationship between the two detectives as the experienced versus non-experienced and their good cop/bad cop interaction.  The author introduces Mick's sister Diana, an emotionally unstable person who was effected by the family tragedy that occurred at Broken Harbour many summers ago.  She is distraught by the recent events at Brianstown (Broken Harbour) and causes Mick worry for her mental and physical well being.  She eventually causes a significant turn of events in the case.  

This book is as much about Mick Kennedy as it is about the murder case.  Mick's personal life is tangled in the solving of the case.  There are lots of layers to this book.  You won't know "who dunnit" and the motive until the end.  

You WILL love this book.  Give it a read.

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  1. Just finished Broken Harbor this past week and was going to tell YOU how good it was! Interesting that the book's British cover is different from the American. Now back to school - starting week #4, so a bit behind in my blog reading! Let's do lunch (maybe on a Friday?) soon!


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