Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings

Welcome back, dear ones, from what I hope was a lovely weekend.  It was beautiful weather here with a hint of autumn now appearing on leaves.

I picked up these "pumpkin on a stick" at the Farmers' Market.  I just Googled what they are called, and Pumpkin on a Stick is the name?!  It is actually an ornamental eggplant.  

I attended an Antique Market in Ann Arbor and could not leave without this antique seltzer bottle.  I was attracted to the color.  

Another item that caught my eye was decorative pillows made from Persian rugs.  These are actually much softer than Kilim fabric pillows.

I was doing a major clean and organize on Friday.  I came across two old cameras, the kind that use film.  I was perturbed that I had missed these for the hazardous waste day in our town last weekend.  I could have taken them there for disposal.  These cameras are heavy...then it dawned on me, I'm always looking for bookends, why not use the cameras as bookends.  

                                 Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

Be AWESOME today!

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