Monday, September 24, 2012

Exercise Inspiration for a Monday

Is your exercise routine in a rut? 

I've just added TRX training as a workout option.  This training method uses a suspension trainer of adjustable straps and the weight of your body to develop strength, balance,  flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  There are over 100 exercises you can perform with this device.  

We've got a TRX in our home gym but I'm taking classes to learn how to use it on my own. It is a real challenge to be stable while part of your body is suspended.  It helps develop your core strength no matter what exercise you are doing or muscle group you are working.  

Stil not motivated?

Click here for the Top 100 WORKOUT SONGS OF THE '90s


Anyone can go for a walk!!

Happy Monday


  1. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep up the great work! :)


    1. Thanks so much Floortje. I sure do appreciate the encouragement.


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