Thursday, September 6, 2012

Loving My Raskog Cart

After patiently waiting for my local Ikea to restock Raskog carts, I could barely wait to take one home for assembly when I spotted the turquoise trolleys at the store.  

Raskog cart Ikea $49.99
The sturdy steel cart is easy to assemble.  I found a spot for it immediately but contemplated what I wanted to put in the cart baskets.  I was looking for function with a bit of aesthetic.  I was able to make more space in my kitchen drawers and cabinets by moving just a few items to the cart.

Hubby realized that the cart fits perfectly in the mudroom.  This space was meant for large bags of dogs food.  Since we are "between" dogs right now, a Raskog cart would be perfect for gloves and scarves in the winter.  I think I'll purchase a gray cart this time.

If you are in need of storage space in ANY room in your home, consider one of these extremely affordable carts.

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