Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bandals Sandals

Bandals sandals, the sandal with the changeable strap
I love these comfortable sandals.  They have a great arch support and fit true to size.  The beauty is, you can purchase additional straps to change the look of the sandal.  That makes them perfect for travel, changing color and the look of your footwear.  Select your size and base color. (black, brown, cream or pink) 
These are just a few of the strap colors and textures available.

Be sure to order straps to fit your sandal size.

The strap slides through a slot in the sole of the sandal.

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  1. www.xchangeables.com LOVES Bandals Sandals in all 5 styles with another coming soon! Arch support in the Beach Bandal - endorsed and sold by Chiropractors! You won't believe how comfortable a pair of flip flops can be! Interchangeable Bands make these sandals the ultimate fashion accessory! Enjoy wearing your Bandals Sandals on the beach or by sunset at the bistro!


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