Thursday, April 29, 2010

Popover Penchant

Recipes for popovers have been popping up all over.  Seems like the 1950's darling is having a resurgence.  With good reason too, these delectable treats are versatile and easy to make, just flour, salt, eggs and milk.  You can make the batter the day before baking if you wish and then bake just before serving.  They are great for breakfast and brunch, as a tea treat with jam, or a savory dish for dinner.  
The May issue of ElleDecor features Perfect Popovers, an article and recipe by Daniel Boulud.  Looks like a great recipe but the yield is too many for me and hubby to consume.  I found a website called The Perfect Popover.  Tonight I made the basic recipe from that website.  The result is in the top photo.  They were fantastic.  I used a regular size muffin tin and it yielded 8 popovers.  I did lower the oven temp a bit because of the nonstick, dark pan.  View the recipe here.  Be sure to look at the page of recipe links.  You will get some good ideas of menus incorporating popovers.  Read the tips and tricks.  I swear by the room temp batter, hot oven and greased pan method.  
Here is a popover, split and filled with creamy, cheesy, scrambled eggs.  This could be an easy main course dish for Mother's Day brunch.  Top with a few asparagus spears or some snipped chives and it is pretty as well as delicious.  

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