Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 Classic Dishes: Chocolate Cake

This is the last of the series of 
and I think I save the best for last.  
Most people would agree that chocolate cake is the ultimate comfort food.
I agree that chocolate cake is a very worthwhile treat to know how to bake.  You can make lots of people happy with a chocolate cake.  Cakes are for celebrations, consolations, and indulgence.  The 6 Classic Dishes article shares a Rachel Ray chocolate cake recipe that you can view here.

I shared my favorite chocolate cake recipe here on Feb 9, 2010.   You can view it here.

For those who will not attempt baking a layer cake, cookies may be a more acceptable baked comfort treat.  My all time favorite chocolate cookie recipe can be found by clicking here

Every cook should have a favorite cake, cookie or brownie recipe.  Keep the ingredients on hand and share the love and comfort that comes from your kitchen.  Celebrate birthdays, welcome a new neighbor, honor a graduate, commemorate an anniversary, or just enjoy a deliciously, comforting treat.  A home-baked dessert tastes worlds better than a mix.

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