Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flavor of the Week: Bananas

Bananas?  I know, you were expecting cranberry or pumpkin or something more appropriate for Thanksgiving.  Well, I'm in the Bahamas and bananas are appropriate here.  And yes, they celebrate Thanksgiving here on Thursday too.
You are probably wondering why I am showing you a photo of a tropical tree.  I planted this banana tree about a year ago.  That purple thing in the center/top of the photo is the flower shoot that precedes a bunch of bananas.  This is the first time this tree is going to produce fruit.  The bananas will be ripe in about 4-5 months and I think I'll be back in the Bahamas for that event.
Bananas are the most popular fruit in the USand one of the healthiest fruits.  They are loaded with potassium and a large banana has bout 140 calories.  These popular treats even have about 2 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.  I usually eat one on the way home from the gym.  You probably have a few sitting on the counter at home.
Our family is not too fond of traditional Thanksgiving desserts.  Last year I made a banana custard tart and no one missed pumpkin pie!  Sorry I don't have that recipe here in the Bahamas to share with you.  (if you want it, tell me so in a comment and I'll get it to you when I get home)  The banana tart tatin in the photo above looks mighty yummy to me.  See the recipe here.  It's by Gale Gand.  I've had some of her wonderful desserts at the restaurant, Tru.

So here are ways to use banana and flavor combos:
  • top your morning cereal
  • banana bread - I made some today and added fresh coconut - Spiral Style banana bread recipe
  • banana splits
  • banana pancakes or pancakes topped with sauteed bananas and pecans
  • bananas foster
  • banana pudding made with Nilla wafers  (too sweet for me!)
  • banana cream pie
  • peanut butter and bananas 
  • bananas and honey on toast
  • bananas and chocolate
  • banana cakes/cupcakes/frosting
  • bananas topped with yogurt and granola
  • bananas in your oatmeal
  • bananas and coconut
  • dried banana chips
  • chocolate covered frozen bananas
  • banana daiquiri
  • in a smoothie
You get the idea.  And if your banana are over ripe, peel and freeze them and they'll be ready for use at another time.  

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