Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm trying not to fast-forward to Christmas without taking time for Thanksgiving...
Advent calendars

Advent calendars by Spiralstyle on

...but to  have an Advent Calendar ready for December 1 it is necessary to shop in advance.  I love the anticipation of Christmas with a calendar countdown.  Some calendars have a little treat or toy behind a door.  Some calendars are as simple as peeling back a paper door to reveal a picture.  I love the calendars that reveal an ornament to hang on the calendar tree or scene.

2  Sleigh With Gifts Shaped Advent Calendar, $12  This is filled with candy !

Calendars can be religious or secular.  
These calendars are handcrafted from Etsy.
1. Hand knitted Stockings 12 Days of Christmas  unashooshie $100 
2. Heirloom Advent Calendar sweetbriarfamily $95

Most of these calendars are re-usable and can be enjoyed for many years.  
I found this Online Calendar that is interactive. 
I think Advent Calendars are a great tradition.  Is this a tradition in your house?

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  1. Love the Etsy advent calendars. I prefer to buy stuff made in the USA!


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