Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest Blog and Holiday Idea

I was guest blogger on Barely Vogue today.  You can view the post by clicking here.  My blogging friend, Sahi, asked me to to do a guest post and I was delighted.  She will return the favor for me next week.   Check out Barely Vogue for Sahi's great style inspiration and guidance.  
This is my first holiday decor project.  Just an empty wine bottle filled with a strand of white mini lights.  So the project was not drinking the wine to have an empty bottle, it was finding a strand of lights that did not have a connecting end.  The connecting end is too big to fit inside the bottle opening.  I found a strand that did not have an end to end connection at a garden shop.  I only bought one and had to order more.  You can find them and order online by clicking here.  Wouldn't it make a cute gift to give someone a bottle of wine AND a strand of the lights to go inside the empty bottle?

Happy weekend everyone and see you on Monday.


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