Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Musings

Hello dear Spiral Style readers.  I hope you are all feeling rested after that extra hour of sleep.  I certainly enjoyed the bonus hour in bed.  
But now it is dark earlier.  I love lighting a candle around 5:30 pm when it is time for a glass of wine and time to think about preparing dinner.  It becomes ritual in the winter months.  Oh, and that's a bowl of pumpkin seeds I roasted from the Halloween pumpkin.  
I wanted to point out that I have added a search option on this blog.  It can be found to the right 
just under the "My Shop" photos.  You can use this to find recipes or access quickly posts that you may want to revisit or just to see if I have posted on a particular subject.  Go ahead, check out bacon, or chocolate just to try it.  
Did you remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector?
And here is a reminder to wash your makeup brushes.  Please tell me you do it more than twice a year!  Give them a wash in some shampoo and rinse well.
Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday to you too.

  2. Thanks for the great tip about washing my makeup brushes I have always bought brush cleaner, thinking there must be a more affordable way to clean them. It never occurred to use shampoo, sheesh :)


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